How Luke owned his own home even when the bank said no

Luke’s Story

Luke and his wife came to us when he desperately wanted to own his own home but couldn’t get a bank loan

Why couldn’t Luke get a bank loan?

1. He worked as a contractor so even though he had a steady income,
not in the eyes of the bank

2. He had very little deposit

Basically the bank said no. He wasn’t able to get a bank loan right now but was sick of renting. Luke calculated that in the years that
he had been renting he had spent over $100K on rent! Imagine if that money had been going towards his own home instead.

Within a few weeks of meeting Luke we were able to help him own his own home using the Own Don’t Rent System.

Now he is in his own home and couldn’t be happier!

Find out how you too can own your own home even if the bank says no

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