Family of 9 children own their own home through Rent to Own

Rent to Own finally allowed Anne and Tony to own their own home; Anne and Tony are 2 hard working people with a strong sense of family, so strong in fact that they have 9 children! I just recently welcomed my second child into my family (featured in this video) and although he is the joy of my life, I know how much time and well money they require. So I have no idea how Anne and Tony would be able to manage to save the deposit to buy a house the conventional way. But using the Rent to Own method they have just moved into their own home and never has to rent again. It’s on days like these that I really feel a great sense of joy and pride from what I do.

When Anne walked into this house in Wyoming, Central Coast she spoke to my wife through desperate tears. ‘I just feel like it’s meant to be’ she said ‘and I’m afraid that you’re not going to give the house to me…’

Anne told me some horror stories about previous houses that she has rented; ‘It’s so hard to find a place to rent when you have 9 children, real estate agents just don’t want to go near you, and you’re always living with this fear that we could be kicked out at anytime. We’ve always wanted to buy our own place and have a stable base for our family but with 9 children, saving the kind of deposit that the bank needs was impossible. Tony and I have no problem making the payments, we just really needed someone to give us a chance. Now life will be completely different for us, our kids are going to be more settled too now that they always have a home to come back to.’

I wish Tony and Anne all the best in their new home and for their extensive family.

Just another example of how peoples life can be changed through Rent to Own.

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