Samatha’s story

Samatha is sitting in front of her new house.

It’s a beautiful house;

Double story, brick house with double lock up garage in a really nice area.

It’s incredible to to how far Samantha has come since I first met her 6 years ago.

When she first wanted to buy a house she couldn’t get a bank loan and she had very little deposit. I had a conversation with her about how Rent to Own might suit her but at the time she didn’t have enough deposit for me to help her.

So Samantha bought a Rent to Own home through one of my colleagues, it wasn’t the house she would have chosen but it was the opportunity available to her.

We kept in touch over the years.

She and her husband worked hard and made the payments to their Rent to Own home. And some years later they were able to sell the house and make some profit.

The sale of the house gave them a nice deposit to put toward buying a new house, this time they wanted to chose the house they wanted. But when they went to the bank to get a loan they were still refused even with the deposit as their credit history wasn’t clear yet.

So Samantha came to us with her situation.

Within 6 weeks we bought the house Samantha chose and she moved into her second Rent to Own Home.

I’m so proud of Samantha for sticking with it.

It’s a great example of what’s possible if you’re willing to think outside the box.

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