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Hi there,

Let’s talk bluntly when it comes to home ownership. We are told that there is only one way to buy a house. This is A LOAD OF DOGS DROPPINGS!
Let me explain,
For years I believed that there was only one way to buy a house;
– Save a deposit
– Go to the bank
And rather than questioning this I used to complain, like most people about how IMPOSSIBLE it seems to be to buy your own home in Sydney. I mean really, if I wanted to buy a house I would be looking at coming up with least $50K and that’s on a cheap house.
Yesterday I bought 2 small bananas for $6!
With the cost of living in Sydney today, how on earth am I supposed to save the money to buy a house? Plus by the time it takes me to save that all the cash, do you think property prices would be the same as they are today or would they have gone up?
But rising prices wasn’t the only issue stopping me from owning my home. Basically the bank didn’t want to talk to me because I didn’t fit into their ‘box’.
– I didn’t have a big deposit
– I didn’t have 2 years of tax records
– I didn’t have good credit
But you know what I found?
Waiting until you fit the banks ‘box’ is the most ineffective and EXPENSIVE way to own your own home!
So I was lucky enough to stumble across 3 ways that you can own your own home, even if the bank says no. Since then I have bought all of my own properties WITHOUT A BANK LOAN and I have helped lots and lots of Aussie families do the same.
Now I’m more than happy to share everything that I know for FREE at my next seminar-

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Who will be there-

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Tom Tung Cat- that’s me!

Director of Own Don’t Rent
What is this stuff?
I have over 7 years experience in the property industry.
Years ago I found myself in a situation where I was sick of renting, I wanted to own my own home. But there was no way that I was going to be able to get a bank loan. I had the option to either wait 5 years to be ‘bank ready’ or to find a way to buy my house without getting a bank loan. If I had waited then I would only just be entering into the property market now!
So I found a way to own my own home, even though the bank said no. And since then I have enjoyed so much satisfaction from helping other families do the same.
At this seminar I’m going to share my story and explain the 4 main methods that I use to help people to own their own home despite the bank.

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Mel Ciampa- The legal guy

Mel is our legal expert regarding Rent to Own and Vendor Finance contracts. He’s the guy we send our clients to get the legal paperwork done. Mel has over 23 years experience in conveyancing and for the last 5 years has specialised in rent to own and vendor finance contracts. Mel is also involed in the Savings Program. At the seminar Mel will talk all about the legal side of what we do and how the rights of all parties are protected.

Gayle Copeland- The Finance Fairy

Will I ever be ‘bank ready’?
So you’ve bought a house without the bank, but we find that after some period of time most people want to switch over to the bank once they become ‘bank ready’. So our finance expert is going to talk all about how using our methods will make you more appealing to the banks, over time and how you could swap over to the bank later on, use the banks to your advantage, or combine our service with the banking system.
Gayle has over 20 years experience and speaks regularly for clubs NSW.



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Plus you will recieve a FREE copy of my book

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The Own Don’t Rent Team
For the last 5 years we have been dedicated to helping families own their own home, even if the bank says no. We believe that the most important move in a family’s life is to become home owners. We find that mostly people just don’t get a fair go to own their own home.
From left to right: Eleanor Clapham, Tom Tung Cat, Jennifer Kanthan

You an also call (02) 9896 1612 to book your seat over the phone