When you are ready to commit


Once you’ve decided that you are ready to commit to home ownership we require the following things from you.


– Fill out an application form
– Provide copies of 100 points of ID
– Put down ‘get started’ money
– Proof of income- pay slip or bank statement
– 2 years tax records (if you have them)
– Receive a copy of the credit guide
– Copy of your credit report


Application form- click here for an application form


Unlike the bank you cannot get rejected from our services. But as we hold an Australian Credit Licence we are obliged to assess your situation and only provide credit that is suitable for you and would not be likely to put you under hardship.


100 points of ID


This could include:

-drivers licence


-birth certificate

-medicare card

-bank card



‘Get started’ money


We require you put down $3000 as ‘get started’ money. This is to show the you are serious and to allow us to engage our solicitors and begin finding you a house.

This money comes off the price of your home.
If for some reason we are unable to help you own your own home, this money will be refunded. If however you change your mind this money will not be refunded.



The Credit Guide


Due to changes is credit licencing laws we are now bound by law to provide you with a copy of the credit guide. This will be given to you once you have put down your ‘get started’ money



Proof of income


This could include payslips, tax records, centre link payments or bank statements.
We are not as tough as the bank but do need to see that you can afford to own our own home.



Copy of your credit report

Don’t worry, if you have some black marks on you report it will not mean that we can not help you. We require you credit report for 3 reaons

1. To satisify ASIC complinace codes

2. To help us assess which path is most suitable for you

3. To get a clear idea of exactly how long it will take to get you to a ‘bank ready’ point.

You can order your credit report by clicking here or go to http://www.mycreditfile.com.au/